Why PVC Coil Mat?

5 reasons why you should use our PVC coil mat…

All PVC Coil Mats from Coilmat.com.au is imported from Malaysia. The material is spongy and durable. Unlike hard and stiff finishing types from Mainland China, which produced from recycle materials.

1.       Easy to clean and maintenance – Our unique coil’s drier surface is designed to trap in dirt or debris in the mat until you’re ready to vacuum or shake it off. Our skid resistance protector is made of waterproof vinyl and can be easily removed for hosing off with water.

2.       Durable – Our PVC coil mats with 17-18mm (High Edge series) thick vinyl-coil top not only tough but also stain resistance and impervious to temperature changes

3.       Anti slip design – Special anti slip design at the bottom layer to prevent slipping.

4.       Multipurpose and convenient – Our PVC coil mat does more than protecting your car from stains and spills, it protect the damp surface like wet grass, sand . Our protector’s padded thickness means comfort, even on rough ground and hard surface.

5.       Odourless – Make use of PVC resin, without health hazarded chlorinated paraffin and it is odourless.