Comparisons between PVC Coil Car Mats and Generic Car Mats

Our PVC Coil Car Mats Generic Car Mats
Light Grey PVC Coil Mat
Hand-cut, custom fit edging, better appearance Fixed template, rubber or synthetic floor mats, poor visual effects, often in disorder state
Regular spinning, up to 18mm thickness, dust and dirt can be well hidden, easy to clean too! Too smooth surface or irregular. Not anti-dirt, exposing sand in the car. Not suitable for muddy (e.g. off road) or sandy (e.g. beach) conditions
Good waterproof function, keeps the car clean and dry! Not waterproof and not suitable under raining or snowing conditions
Easy to wash! Just rinse and dry. Not easy to clean thoroughly. It takes time to dry after washing.
Special anti-skid ‘soft nail’ design at the bottom of the PVC Coil Mats. Siper grip, prevent slippage and assure road safety! Smooth back surface and required fitting clips to hold the mats properly!